Poche Prouet Associates

Organization Overview

Poche' Prouet Associates, Ltd. is a professional multi-discipline corporation of individuals dedicated to providing high quality, efficient Consulting Services to meet the owner's needs. The firm has built a solid organization of select professionals with specialized talents, which combine to result in a strong, single source, responsible professional group with a regional appeal.


Jim Poche', President of the Corporation, manages the firm. Services offered vary from architecture, mechanical and electrical engineering as prime or consultant to a prime, asbestos, energy management, preventive management, operations management of buildings, and design-build.


These services are marketed as a package to our clients to allow continuity between the programming, design, construction, occupancy and continued operations of the facilities. The firm operates out of the main office in Lafayette, with a support office in Baton Rouge.


Poche' Prouet Associates, Ltd. has gained recognition in Southwest Louisiana for the high quality of work and attention given to their projects. This can be attested to by contacting some of our client references, which include: Acadia Parish School Board, Beauregard Parish School Board, Bogalusa Parish School Board, Cathedral Carmel Elementary School, Evangeline Parish School Board, Lafayette Parish School Board, St. Landry Parish School Board, St. Martin Parish School Board, St. Mary Parish School Board, Vermilion Parish School Board, Acadia Parish Police Jury, Lafayette Consolidated Government, Iberia Parish Government, City of St. Martinville, Delgado Community College, the University of Louisiana Lafayette, McNeese University, Southeastern Louisiana University and Northwestern State University.


Our hospital clients include: Lafayette General Medical Center, Iberia Medical Center, Bogalusa Community Hospital, St. Helena Parish Hospital, Abrom Kaplan Memorial Hospital, West Feliciana Parish Hospital, Pointe Coupee General Hospital, Assumption General Hospital, St. Martin Hospital and Dauterive Hospital.


As professionals, we function as coordinators in the planning process, as agents of change, anticipating future needs and working toward improvements in the physical environment. At Poche' Prouet Associates, Ltd., we believe that the key to successful projects for the client is developing a solution through "creative problem solving". This innovative approach will result in a project that works, is within budget, and delivered on time.


The high profile of our firm in the professional community is due to their involvement in professional organization and community support efforts.


In particular:

Jim Poche'
• Past President of Consulting Engineer's Council of Louisiana
• Member of the American Consulting Engineers Board of Directors
• Member of the National Energy Committee.


Philippe Prouet
• Past President of South LA Chapter of American Institute of Architects
• One of only a few members of CEFPI (Council of Educational Facility Planners International) in the State.


Judy Broussard
• Past President and Treasurer of LA Chapter of Association of Energy Engineers

The majority (almost 90%) of our work is repeat work, year-to-year with public clients. This attests to our reputation and credibility for delivering quality, cost effective projects.




We contract with clients on an individual as well as a long-term project basis. Our steadfast commitment to clients and ourselves is to deliver the expertise required to produce a professional product that best meets individual needs of our clients in a cost effective and timely fashion.


In addition, after a project is complete, we offer our clients 24-hour/day service, 365 days a year, in order to assist them with optimizing the performance of their specific equipment systems.


The sections following cover our:

· Firm Background and Range of Services
· References and Partial List of Clients
· Background and Job Description of Office Personnel


Firm Background and Range of Services


Poche' Prouet Associates, Ltd. is a 4th generation of an engineering organization of which Jim Poche' has been a principal since 1975. The present firm of Poche' Prouet Associates, Ltd. was established in 1981 under the name of Poche' Associates, Ltd. In 1986, Philippe Prouet (previously employed as a Principal of an architectural firm) joined Poche' Associates, Ltd. and is presently a principal and Vice President. Judy Broussard, who has been with the firm since 1980, is the third principal in the firm, serving as Secretary/Treasurer. The firm operates as a corporation with Jim Poche' as President and Chairman of the Board. The company changed names in January 2001 to Poche' Prouet Associates, Ltd., to include Philippe Prouet, AIA, in the name.


Over 90% of our clients and projects are within a few miles of our offices in Lafayette and Baton Rouge. We find that limiting our service area allows us to maintain closer control over the quality of our projects and allows for a quicker response to our client's needs.


Being able to offer a diversified field of expertise in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, along with varying levels of experience within these areas allows us to provide a technically coordinated team in a cost effective manner.




Poche' Prouet Associates, Ltd. generally has long term repeat client arrangements, whereby we provide architectural retrofit services as a prime service, or in conjunction with the other professional services our firm offers. In general, the new architectural work which is non-retrofit, is for our on-going clients (for whom we are already doing the retrofit type of work).


Our client base for architecture is generally schools, hospitals, government bodies, and commercial facilities. Poche' Prouet Associates, Ltd. offers the following Architectural services:


· Planning
· Programming
· Design
· Design Development
· Construction Documents
· Bidding and/or Negotiations
· Construction Contract Administration
· Project Development Scheduling
· Project Budgeting Assistance
· Site Analysis Service
· Post-Construction and Analysis Services


Interior Design


We have one licensed Interior Design professional on staff, who is a NCIDQ (National Committee for Interior Design Qualifications) certified and a member of the American Association of Interior Designers.

Consulting Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services

A portion of the service the firm provides are performed as mechanical and electrical consultants to area architects. The remainder of services is offered as consultants to other engineering firms or as direct consultants to individuals or public entities.


Poche' Prouet Associates, Ltd. offers consulting engineering services in the following areas:

· Air Conditioning
· Heating and Ventilating
· Plumbing Fire Protection and Sprinkler Systems
· Process Control and Instrumentation Systems
· Lighting Design
· High/Low Voltage Power Distribution
· Fire Alarm and Intercommunication Systems
· Site Utility Developments

Asbestos Consultant Services

For the past several years, our consultant services on certain projects were interrupted by the need to address the presence of asbestos. Asbestos was used as an effective insulation for years; consequently, we find its presence in most mechanical equipment rooms.


Therefore, we felt a responsibility to our clients and to ourselves to continue to develop our expertise relative to identifying and managing asbestos material conditions. We now have four members of our staff who have been certified in the different aspects of the treatment of asbestos.


Our certified staff includes a licensed Architect, a graduate Architect, a licensed Mechanical Engineer, and a Field Technician with certifications that include inspection, management planning, training, design, air monitoring and abatement observation. Furthermore, we contract on a regular basis with additional certified architects, engineers and technicians when the project scope requires a large coordinated work force.


Energy Management Consultant Services

In addition to mechanical and electrical design capabilities, Poche' Prouet Associates, Ltd. offers consultant energy management services to private, institutional and public entities.


Our overall goal of this service is to reduce the client's utility bill through proper management and efficient use of energy. This is achieved by making recommendations as required to eliminate wasteful energy systems or components when a viable economical payback can be achieved.


Poche' Prouet Associates, Ltd. serves as Energy Management Consultants to diverse categories of clients, including School Boards, City and Parish Governments, Municipal Complexes, Hospitals, Jails, and other public and privately owned facilities.


Our firm is also qualified to perform Private Energy Audits and Department of Energy Level I and Level II Energy Audits, Technical Assistance Audits, and Energy Conservation Measures.


Since 1978, we have obtained millions of matching funds from the Federal Government for Energy Conservation Improvements to facilities.


Database for Utility Monitoring (Condor software); Spreadsheets for reporting and graphs (Microsoft Excel software); Computer modeling for purposes of estimating energy consumption and HVAC loads (Elite and DOE-2 software); and Communications via modem with Energy Management Systems at remote sites. (We presently communicate with approximately 50 sites, utilizing various manufacturer software (Johnson, Solidyne, Robertshaw, Landis and Staeffa, Automated Logic).

Preventive Maintenance and Management Consultant Services


Over the years, as our services as Energy Management Consultants expanded, it became obvious that numerous building owners and operators had a definite need for technical assistance in establishing preventive maintenance programs.


As consultants to these clients, we assist their staff in evaluating present preventive maintenance programs and recommend alternative methods of modifying or implementing programs, in order to increase the dependability of the equipment, extend the life of the equipment and optimize the operation of the facility systems.


We have implemented various phases of this service with various types of clients including School Boards, City and Parish Governments, Municipal Complexes, Hospitals, and Jails, as well as other public and privately owned facilities.

Project Management/Construction Management

As project and construction managers, our team of architects and engineers work with our public, private and industrial clients providing technical support expertise to establish and implement short-term and long-range building programs to parallel their business development programs. Our firm collaborates on a regular basis with civil engineering firms for projects which involve specialized site design outside the scope of the building project.

With our capacity as licensed general contractors, licensed mechanical contractors and licensed electrical contractors, we are able to handle construction management projects with clients paying direct for portions of the project while still maintaining single source project responsibility.

Design – Build

In addition to having in house architects, interior designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and project managers, our firm is a full service construction firm. We have built warehouses, medical office buildings, professional office buildings, and specialized facilities, such as, paint shops and welding facilities. Project coordination; cost effective design and construction; and completion of projects in short time frames are benefits of this type of construction approach.


For more information contact Jim Poche by phone (337) 237-6517